About the ALLIES


We envision a zero-tolerance environment for human trafficking in all communities.


Allies exists to be a network and platform for activism that sustains local community involvement in the anti-trafficking movement.

Allies accomplishes that mission with three strategic aims:

1) Collecting and sharing resources – financial and informational.

2) Creating opportunities for activists and organizations to connect and collaborate.

3) Supporting local survivors of human trafficking alongside the Coalition.


Allies Core Values:

1) Social Justice – Allies members recognize the inherent value of each person, and advocate for equal access to economic, political and social opportunities

2) Honoring all Stakeholders – Allies members commit to honor and welcome all stakeholders in the Allies network, including victims and survivors of trafficking

3) Commitment and Passion – Allies members are committed to the Allies mission and vision over time, working towards short- and long-term solutions with passion and energy

4) Yes Mentality Allies members adopt a ‘get it done’ mindset, encouraging creative, hopeful, and solution-based action and problem solving

5) Anonymous Extraordinaries – Allies members work with a measure of humility, seeking collaborative solutions and social impact rather than personal recognition


Join us as we meet each month to build a ground-up, grassroots anti-trafficking movement in Austin.  All are welcome!